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한국의 SDG4 이행과 교육회복 국제포럼

2021 International Education Forum:
Korea’s SDG4 Implementation and Educational Recovery

Speakers_ Day 2

Panel Session B: Global efforts for educational recovery during and after COVID-19

[Moderator] CHAE, Jae-Eun (채재은)

Professor, Department of Public Administration, Gachon Univ.
Policy advisor to the Korean Ministry of Education and the National Institute for Lifelong Educations, and other institutions

[Presenter 1] Michael Ward (마이클 워드)

Senior Policy Analyst, Development Co-operation Directorate & Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD
Former Manager of PISA-D, OECD

[Presenter 2] Ethel Agnes P Valenzuela (에델 발렌젤라)

Director of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat
Advisory board member of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)
Advisory board member of the ASEAN TVET Council

[Presenter 3] PARK, Jonghwi (박종휘)

Head of Innovation and Education, United Nations Univ.
Former Programme Specialist for ICT, UNESCO Institutefor Lifelong Learning
Former Team Leader for ICT in Education, UNESCO Bangkok Office

[Discussant 1] PARK, Dong Sun (박동선)

Lead Shepherd, APEC HRD Working Group & Chairman, Institute of APEC Collaborative Education
Professor, Dept. Employment Service Policy, Korea Univ. of Technology & Education
Former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Finland

[Discussant 2] CHOI, Youngsup (최영섭)

Professor, Dept. Employment Service Policy, KoreaUniv. of Technology&Education
Senior Researcher for education and training policy, KRIVET
Researcher for industrial human resource policy, KIET

[Discussant 3] CHANG, Kyungsuk (장경숙)

Chief, Division of External Relations, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE)
Conducted research on curriculum and global educational development(2002~)
Former Researcher at OECD and International Consultant for ADB, World Bank, UNICEF, ASEAN

Panel Session C: Review of South Korean educational ODA in the context of addressing the pandemic crisis

[Moderator] KWAK, Jae Sung (곽재성)

Professor of the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies & Director of the Institute of International Studies, Kyung Hee Univ.
Director, Board of Directors, ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme
Policy Advisor for the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[Presenter 1] OH, Jina (오진아)

Professor, College of Nursing, Inje Univ.
Project Manager of International Cooperation Leading Universities Foster Program
Member of Accreditation Committee, Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education

[Presenter 2] JU, Jun Ho(주준호)

Director, Division of Bridge Programme, Korean National Commissionfor UNESCO (KNCU)
Former Chief, Division of Bridge Asia Programme, KNCU
Former Chief, Division of Partnership Development, KNCU

[Presenter 3] HAN, Seok Min (한석민)

Educational Researcher, Daegu Institute for Creativity & Convergence Education
Former Educational Researcher of the Teacher Policy Division, Ministry of Education
Former Teacher, Daegu Software Meister High School

[Presenter 4] Yang, H-Kyung (양혜경)

Director of SDG Program Team, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
Senior Education Specialist, KOICA
Former Research Fellow, KERIS

Panel Session D: South Korean educational ODA’s next steps for educational recovery

[Moderator] JUNG, Heon Joo (정헌주)

Professor of Public Administration, Yonsei Univ.
Associate Dean, Graduate School of Public Administration, Yonsei Univ.
PrivateExpert, Council of
InstitutionsRelatedGrant Aid, MOFA ExpertMember, EducationSector, KOICA
Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana Univ. (2008-12)

[Presenter 1] PARK, Hwanbo (박환보)

Professor, Department of Education, Chungnam National Univ.
Former Associate Research Fellow, Office of International Educational Development,
Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)

[Presenter 2] AHN, Hai-Jeong (안해정)

Director, Office of Global Education Cooperation Research, KEDI
Private Expert, Council of Institutions Related Grant Aid, MOFA
Expert Member, Education Sector, KOICA

[Presenter 3] SEO, Jongwon (서종원)

Director, Office of Strategy Planning, Korea Education and Research Information Service
Former Steering Committee Member, mEducation Alliance
Former Programme Specialist, UNESCO